Upskilling Your Softer Side

Why skills development?

Executives with soft skills can interact and communicate amicably to build robust personal relationships.

They help organisations attract and retain clients to achieve business growth and success.

On the other hand, a lack of soft skills can limit business potential, or even be its downfall.

The Transference Model

At Reverence, soft skills development is highly customised because werecognise that it varies from individual to individual.

Some people may communicate well, but may struggle with time management or relationship-building. Therefore:

  • We conduct softs-skill inventory checks and identify areas of weakness
  • We develop a personal plan mapped to your organisation’s business needs for learning.

Skills Development Modules

Powering up client presentations

Conflict resolution

Problem solving with creativity

Effective communication looping

Business benefits realisation

Relationship building

Developing high performance teams

Employee care and motivation

Health and safety at work

Conducting productive meetings

Equality and fairness at work

Business etiquette

Gender issues at work

Sensitising western work cultures

Bridging the two-state culture

Time management

Stress management

Win-win through negotiations

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